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  1. We appreciate God for having led you sincé your birth till today. Thé lord has been faithful and his promise towards you are sûre. Therefore i seize this opportunity to wish you a wonderful birthday célébration and pray God continue to use you for his work as his blessings and prosperity Will be your portion in jésus name . Amen

  2. You’ve always been My big brother and I appreciate your support over the years.
    This birthday is the beginning of your Greater Days in Life and Ministry as you go from Glory to Greater Glory, Strength to Strength and Honor to Honor.
    Pastor Bukola David Ajide,we love you.

  3. Happy birthday *PASTOR BUKIE*…May baba God fill ur life with Blessing yarfu yarfu…may favour dey with u 24/7….may grace Brekete 4 ur domot…may ur success n joy dey *Concentrated*
    ☞ _Best Wishes_
    Ur Son in d Lord

  4. Happy Birthday to you sir, wishing you long life, prosperity and God’s blessings. Pastor you will prosper and reap the fruits of your labour in Jesus name. Amen

  5. HBD big daddy,may God continue to bless you, your ministry will never dry up. you will move from one level of glory to another relam, the oil of gladness will never dry in Jesus name…. Amen. Unmerited Favour all the way Sir. LLNP

  6. Happy birthday to you dearest uncle and pastor, I wish u many more years in good health. May u leave long to c ur children do well and ur children’s children in Jesus name. Love u uncle. Have a blessed bday.

  7. Happy birthday 🎂 to my father,brother and best friend. As the tree 🎄 planted by the water side , you will bring forth your fruits in due season, your leaves will not wither & you will prosper more.

  8. Happy birthday Pastor Bukky, as you have increased in age so shall your anoiting be increased in Jesus name. Amen. Got so much love for you Dad…

  9. Uncle Bukky! Happy birthday. You’re an inspiration to me and I pray you remain blessed the same way you have been used to bless countless people. ‎Venisti, vidisti, vicisti!! (you came you saw you conquered!)…and you will keep conquering in Jesus name. Happy birthday!

  10. Uncle bukky may God keep on blessing you financially, spiritually. May you receive long life and prosperity in all your endeavours

  11. Wow…Happy birthday Pastor Bukky…While working at vedic I met you and your family… and truly its been great knowing you and your wonderful family…. thanks for the prayers, words of encouragement, advice and kind words, May the good Lord continually bless you, grant you Long life and Prosperity. I just wanna wish you God’s best.

  12. Happy birthday pastor Bukky, God bless you sir and HE will continually provide for you and lift u higher

  13. Good Bless You Sir.
    It was like yesterday…
    Dad kept on panting along the corridor.
    Mom was in the labour room….

    Alas a child was born.
    He is a boy.
    There is a constant desire to give thanks to the Giver.
    Just because, the maze of reality becomes clearer,
    And a year older he becomes within his whole day.
    In this world of struggles,

    Rejoice pastor Bukky,
    A year Older you become.
    May God continues to enrich your coast
    Be blessed.

  14. May God Bless You and your Family on this special day and always. May God enlarge your territory as you live without toiling in Jesus Name, Amen.

  15. May The mighty hand of God continue to uphold you. Remain a blessing that He has made you to be. Happy birthday.

  16. Happy birthday sir, May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.I’m still always surprised at how every night you go around the House two or three times to check on everyone. And I ask myself “How does He do it? ” in so many other instances have I found myself asking that question. You are a really great Father and Pastor. I pray the Lord makes his face keep shining upon you and give you peace. Happy Birthday again Sir, Turn up!

  17. Am grateful to God for your life. The Lord will keep you and increase you. He will bless you and the favour of God will flavour your life. The Mercy of God will cover you and your household. You will not fall. Your ministry will grow from strength to strength, glory to glory. HBD sir

  18. Hbd pastor Bukky… D most high will continues to bless u,ur family, d works of Ur hand,ur going out n coming in,He will remember all ur labour of love, ur works in his vineyard. He will never leave u nor forsake you n ur ministry. You r going places sir,u r going higher to prosper n be in health.. You will live long in Jesus name Amen

  19. My dear Pastor, you are a man of great calling and a great influence over many with your exemplary life and leadership teachings. May God’s glory be ever seen in you and your family. May the grace and calling upon your life never go dim. Your vision for growing God’s kingdom will come to pass in Jesus name- Amen.

  20. 50 hearty golden cheers to a visionary leader. May the Lord continue to uphold you and increase your knowledge and wisdom. Your remaining years will be far greater than the beginning. Have a wonderful celebration.

  21. Dear Pastor Buki. May our good Lord keep you and your entire family in good health and safety. May God grant you divine wisdom continually and bless you real good. Amen.

  22. I don’t want to write an epistle but I can’t escape it. However, I will make this as concise as possible. It’s your GOLDEN JUBILEE season daddy – Bukola Ajide, the father God sent to me, my FATHER FIGURE, my anointing overflow. I can go on and on about you and it will still not be enough. You’re the best living man in my life and the kindest man I’ve met. You’ve been a blessing to me and many people who have met you. You want to help every needy person in the world if you can and God has blessed many through you – one man that will make you wake up each day to thank God for bringing him your way. You’re one person I know that sincerely loves everyone around him and wants the best for them.

    The man who preaches forgiveness like it’s God second name. Thank you for teaching me true forgiveness, you’d always say “let them go so God will let you go “. I can’t write enough about you – it’s got to be volumes of epistles. The love and care you extend to others can not be overstated. Your hospitality is immeasurable. You scold with love and give advices, all full of love. I’ve watched you do many things and I know the world is proud of you and bless God for your life.

    It’s your golden jubilee season daddy and I pray God doubles in many folds the portion of your anointing. I pray God bless you exceedingly – you’re not just going to be a millionaire or billionaire – that is so fixed, but you’re are a “Godlonaire” – as you want it, you get it. God will bless you truly, he will enlarge your coast and you shall know no evil. You’ve always said you will be around for a long time, I pray you live very long to achieve more of God’s purpose for you.

    HAPPY GOLDEN JUBILEE season daddy, Adekemi loves you big. God will lift you higher.

  23. Happy birthday….You have been a great man and a blessing.God will continue to bless you and You will live gloriously long in Jesus name.Amen

  24. Pastor Bukky. You are a blessing to the world and an example of man of faith. God is using you to touch lives. And He will uphold, bless, protect, and enlarge you and your family. Happy birthday, and may the joy of the Lord ever remain in your life, now and in the years ahead. Amen.

  25. Thank you Pastor for being a true man of God and for being a mentor and a true leader… God bless your years sir. You shall reap the fruit of your labour self. Have a great celebration! Many happy returns! Happy 50th birthday sir!

  26. Happy Birthday Sir! May God continue to touch lives through you. I wish you many more fulfilled years in prosperity and health.

  27. Pastor Bukky you are a blessing to this generation. May God continue to be sufficient for you. May your anointing never run dry. May you remain in the house of the Lord for ever and ever. You have been a blessing to Banky and I and we love you very dearly. Happy 50th birthday. Wish you many many more in good health and prosperity.

  28. Happy birthday sir. May the good Lord multiply you a thousand fold. May all your good investments into the gospel begin to yield astronomical increase in Jesus name. May all your good dreams come to pass speedily in Jesus name, Amen. God bless you sir.

  29. Scores of years to come in great health and God’s supernatural wisdom to finish the mandate. More Grace more anointing

  30. My mentor, my coach, my Pastor! You are one of the 1st persons that made Christianity attractive to me and ever since you have been of great blessings to me. More grace, more exploits in Jesus name. I love and appreciate you sir.
    Heavens and the whole universe celebrates an icon @ 50. Thank you sir for taking up the responsibility to lead us to Christ.

  31. Happy birthday to you my adorable and spirit filled Pastor. May God’s anointing continue to flow in your life,may you live to see your children’s children in great Health and wealth. God will grant you all your heart desires & His will be done in you life. long life & Prosperity. love u

  32. May the Lord continue to increase you on all fronts! He will give you rest roundabout!! Happy Birthday Sir!!!!! Uncommon Grace is your portion now and always!!!!!

  33. My Music story-line is never complete without this humble friend of God. A father, a teacher, a builder a trainer. A leader, an example of all time.
    Daddy I can tell all that you are but I know you are THE BEST.
    For all the fasting and praying way of life that you laid down for us. For helping us discover ourselves in Destiny, we thank you sir. Igba odun odun kan. Baami. Love you daddy. HBD LLNP ( The Oyebanji’s)

  34. Happy birthday sir, may the good lord continue to bless you and keep you always, may your anointing increase in hundred folds as you increase in age in jesus name. Amen

  35. Everyday I thank God for giving us a general in this generation. You are a spiritual father with much pride to call on at anytime. On this special day, I wish you more anointing with ever increasing levels in good health.

  36. Birthdays are one of the memorable days on earth.As you add plus one today may all the good things of life be added unto you.wish you Many more years in prosperity.

  37. This goes out to a great man of honor, you have impacted our generation in a way that we wish you stay on forever, but if Christ tarried your remaining 70 years on earth shall be glorious than the formal. HAPPY BIRTHDAY pastor David Bukola Ajide. We love you and I celebrate you sir

  38. God bless abundantly sir, U ll live to celebrate many more years in the land of the living,more anointing upon u, the Grace of God will always be with u, u shall be called blessed, u ll live long to be the father of ur biological and spiritual children and husband to your wife. May the Lord continue to bless u sir.. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray! We love u.

  39. Happy birthday Sir! May your days be long to fulfill the goodness of God in land of the living.
    Wish you more glorious years ahead. Stay blessed!

  40. I pray that God continue to bless you sir,his grace upon your life continue to increase,that mercy and unlimited favor will be upon your household,amen

  41. This is wishing you a happy golden birthday. You are blessed and highly favoured. The Lord will make your light shine brighter and brighter.

  42. Increase on all side for you, fresh anointing beyond measure and sound health beyond human understanding is my prayer for you as you add another. Happy Birthday Pastor

  43. Happy birthday sir.I pray that as you increase in age,The anointing of God upon your life will continually increase.You will never have a better last year.Your path will continually shine brighter and brother in Jesus Name.

  44. My bishop!!! May God’s grace, anointing and favour always be upon u, ur family&ministry IJN….I wish all the best wishes in da world sir…HBD, HGJ,LLNP

  45. Happy birthday Daddy! Love you to the moon and back😘
    It’s about to go down! 🙌🏾
    #Turnt🔥 #CelebrationMode💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  46. Happy birthday to my darling husband! It’s been an awesome journey together in ministry and life’s calling. I wish you many more years of fruitfulness and great conquest

  47. Happy birthday my Pastor, words are not enough to appreciate God’s unfathomable blessings in ur life,just as these blessings has trickled down to me. I’m so glad i meet you. I pray that God will continually bless u n urs in all ramifications of ur life. Welcome to ur new season. Enjoy every bit. Cheers!

  48. Dear Bukky,
    Happy Birthday! May our Lord God Almighty continues to bless and increase you. May He prolong your life in good health and make you happy the rest of your days.
    Bola & Dayo

  49. HBD to Our Pastor,big brother n Mentor.The anointing of God upon U will never diminish IJN,U will be satisfied with long life in Abundance n Divine Health IJN

  50. Happy birthday to our kind, loving and dynamic Pastor. Your leadership style is worth emulating. Your cool, calm demeanor is appreciated. May heaven smile on you and bless you beyond measure. Prosperity will never depart from you. Many Happy returns Sir.

  51. HBD to Our Pastor,big brother n Mentor.The anointing of God upon U will never diminish IJN,U will be satisfied with long life in Abundance n Divine Health IJN.We Love Our Bishop.

  52. Happy 50th birthday to the man of great vision, a great general of the Great and Mighty God. Sir, your vision, life, ministry have given hope, great clarity and fulfillment of purpose to thousands of thousands. We pray that in this your golden age, an unusual dimension of JEHOVAH’s glory, grace and goodness will beautify your life, ministry and family in Jesus name (amen).

  53. Pastor Bukky, My Pastor, mentor, big brother and friend. You are very unique, very kind, very special and very Just. I thank God I have you in my life and I bless God for His awesomeness in you. I see you as a true child of God which makes you stand out of many. My prayer for you is that God will continually use you to bless the world and His name glorified. May the Almighty grant you your desires exceedingly abundantly more than you can ever imagine. Happy Birthday Pastor Bukky Ajide. Long life, prosperity and good health be yours in Jesus precious name, Amen.

  54. Happy birthday to an extraordinary man of God,you have brought so much joy and blessing to our home, on this great day we just want to appreciate you for being a great mentor to us .we love you so much pastor .have a lovely celebration

  55. Happy Golden Jubilee Dear Pastor Bukky(A Mighty Oracle of God), a beacon of great light to our global church and God’s Dear General . I thank God for your ministry that has greatly changed my paradigm over the years. I pray that God will astronomically increase your anointing and Grace. And Like Caleb may you increase in strength in your advance age – even at 120 years. Cheers

  56. Happy Birthday Sir,
    We honor the call of God on your life and appreciate you for being Obedient to His call. You have been extremely wonderful to us, aa a Father and Mentor. We love you greatly. God bless you Sir as you ROCK 50 WITH GRACE!!!!!!!!!

  57. Thank God Pastor Bukky life with his ministry young ones are brought back to church today. Happy Birthday, Mrs Remi Fadayomi

  58. Happy Birthday Pastor Bukky.
    You are an inspiration by the way you lead. You exude kingdom virtues in a compelling way. Your ministry is unique for its all encompassing embrace of everyone. Just as Moses’ face was lit up on his encounter with God at the mount … may you continue to be lit up and you ministry grow from glory to glory. God Bless You Real Good Pastor Bukky!

  59. A true man of God to the core;
    A Rare Gem;
    A man after God’s heart;
    A Pastor with a heart of Gold;
    A True Lover of God.
    Pastor Bukola Ajide Makes serving God beautiful and pleasant. God shall honor you and take you to greater heights as you celebrate your Golden Jubilee.

    Happy Happy birthday Pastor Bukky.
    From your daughters : Kings Daughters of Victory Sanctuary Seventh Day Adventist Church.

  60. Regardless of the challenges, however GIGANTIC, they were INTENTIONAL(smiles); and intended to give you greater VICTORIES. May today be one of the marks of God’s hand of favour upon your life and cause you to smile. May you also attain greater victories in the open and within in Jesus’ name. Amen. Remain the blessed man you are sir. Happy birthday sir!

  61. Happy birthday to the Daddy of all daddies, the Pastor of all pastors, the Mentor of all mentors and the consistently faithful Man of God. We celebrate you over and over again. May God enlarge and expand your coast larger than what you think. Continue to do exploits for God in Jesus name Long life and prosperity and health.

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